Ben at FSM: 56 Years of Massage Therapy

Instructor: Ben Benjamin

Join Christina Polnyj-Pollman from the Florida School of Massage for a conversation with Ben Benjamin as they review his career spanning 56 years. 

Ben is a Massage Therapist with a Ph.D. in Sports Medicine, as well as an author, Orthopedic Manual Therapy teacher, SAVI communication skills trainer, and expert witness in cases of sexual misconduct and abuse as well as injury related cases in the massage and bodywork field. 

More recently he has built an educational platform that offers over 140 courses by leaders in our field, including himself, Tracy Walton, Judith Walker, Carol Osborne, Whitney Lowe, Ruth Werner and others. Topics include Orthopedic Manual Therapy, Cancer, Pregnancy, Ethics, NMT, Fibromyalgia, research and more. 

We are delighted to have this time with Ben. Viewer questions are also answered by this expert with a wealth of experience!

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