Orthopedic Massage Approaches to Upper Body Disorders

Instructor: Whitney Lowe

Orthopedic Massage Approaches to Upper Body Disorders

Upper body pain and injury complaints are pervasive in our society. Massage therapists are in an excellent position to offer high-quality care to people suffering from these painful disorders. Proper care of these complaints requires accurate identification of the pain or injury along with the most effective treatment strategies.

Join orthopedic massage specialist Whitney Lowe for this engaging and informative course series on massage therapy treatment of upper body disorders. Whitney is well known for his teaching and publications in orthopedic massage for over 20 years as well as his innovative and engaging online courses. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills while acquiring new tools to help your clients.

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Continuing Education Hours
The Biomechanics of Neck Pain: 1
Rotator Cuff Pathologies: 1
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: 1
Thoracic Outlet: 1
Overuse Disorders in the Elbow and Forearm: 1
Pathologies of the Hand and Fingers : 1
TOTAL: 6 CE hours

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