Advanced Technique Volume 3: Myofascial and Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Technique Knee 2-DVD Training

Dr. Ben Benjamin brings you this accelerated course in muscular therapy, where you'll learn detailed palpation anatomy as well as myofascial and massage techniques designed to support the treatment of the most common soft-tissue injuries in the knee.

These techniques are advanced variations on the Benjamin System of Muscular Therapy, targeting injured ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

Collected here are all the teaching and lead-through videos Dr. Benjamin uses during his full-day Advanced Technique Workshop. Dr. Benjamin also walks you through palpation anatomy step-by-step so you can kinesthetically learn to locate the exact injured structures for your work.

Here's an overview of the 2-DVD Training contents: 

• Knee Anatomy
• Knee Anatomy Palpation
• Parts of the hand & Relevant Positions
• Knee Myofascial Techniques Parts 1&2

• Knee Muscular Therapy Techniques Lecture
• Knee Muscular Therapy Techniques Teach
• Knee Muscular Therapy Techniques Lead Through
• Knee Injury Assessment Demonstrations

Full-color digital manual and CE exam is included with purchase.

Approved by NCBTMB for 4 CE hours.

Also available separately as a Premium Streaming online title.

Cost: $195


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