Essential Principles DVD

Incorporating material that Dr. Benjamin has synthesized over three decades, this program teaches all of the basic principles and theories needed to understand the pain and injury assessment and treatment process.

This Essential Principles program provides the foundation upon which all the other learning programs are built. The program is organized as a series of short segments teaching and demonstrating each essential principle. The concepts addressed are:

  • injuries (the secret of chronic injuries, external and internal scar tissue, the meaning of referred pain in Orthopedic Medicine, the significance of ligament laxity);
  • assessments (resisted tests, passive tests, active tests); and
  • treatment modalities (friction therapy, exercise therapy, injection therapy). Principles to enhance a person healing capacity are also reviewed.

4 CE Hours*.

Essential Principles is INCLUDED when you purchase Common Injuries, The Knee, or The Orthopedic Massage Series Library, at no additional charge.

*You will be emailed a link to any exams for the DVD series you purchase. Exams can be taken at any time - NO TIME LIMITS OR DUE DATES! Upon passing the exam, you will be emailed your Certificate of Completion indicating the CEs you have earned.

Also available separately as a Premium Streaming online title.

Cost: $29


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