Advanced Deep Tissue & Myofascial Techniques for the Shoulder and Knee Workshop Preview

Join Dr. Ben Benjamin for a 1-hour preview of his 95% hands-on workshop. During this full-day training, you will learn several dozen myofascial and deep tissue muscular therapy techniques to address pain and injury in some of the most commonly injured structures of the body.

You will also understand the anatomy of these structures as never before through physically locating and palpating each muscle, tendon, and ligament targeted with these techniques. Most of these techniques were developed from actual cases from Dr. Benjamin’s clinical practice.


acromio-clavicular ligaments and surrounding muscles • muscle-tendons units of the subscapularis • supraspinatus • infraspinatus • teres minor • pectoralis major


suprapatellar and infrapatellar tendons • medial and lateral quadriceps expansions • patellar retinacula • collateral ligaments • coronary ligaments

View Dr. Benjamin's live workshop schedule HERE.

This webinar is presented in partnership with ABMP.

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