Friction the Deltoid Ligaments: Unraveling the Mystery of Ankle Pain Series Preview

Did you know that 25,000 people sprain their ankle every single day? After the low back, the ankle is probably the second most common area of injury. In most cases, ankle sprains do not heal well without some treatment. That's a lot of clients who need you.

The complete 4-part series, Unraveling the Mystery of Ankle Pain, worth 6 CE hours, is presented by Dr. Ben Benjamin at the Benjamin Institute.

When an ankle sprain does not heal properly, it can become a chronic problem. The ligament may have been stretched or may have developed poorly formed (and therefore weak) adhesive scare tissue, causing instability at the joint. Strenuous activities continually re-tear the scar tissue, resulting in a seemingly endless cycle of pain that comes and goes, with intermittent swelling. This can continue for many years if the injury is not properly treated.

Learn to assess & treat 8 varieties of Ankle Sprains in this 4-part series by Dr. Ben Benjamin. You'll come away understanding the relevant anatomy and assessment for each of these conditions, as well as therapeutic techniques for those you can treat and referral guidelines for those you cannot.

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