The Knee Soft Tissue Assessment & Treatment 3-DVD Orthopedic Massage Training Series Sample

DVD Excerpt - Knee Overview by Dr Ben Benjamin

Orthopedic Massage Series Assessment and Treatment Strategies for Soft Tissue Pain and Injury Training DVDs

The Knee 3 DVD Set Dr. Ben Benjamin makes this highly technical and complex material clear and accessible. With precision, humor, and insight he uses a step-by-step approach to teach practitioners the anatomy, assessment, treatment techniques, and injury rehabilitation for working with 23 specific knee injuries. By integrating concepts, assessments, and specific techniques for each injury you will learn:

use accurate assessment tests
palpate the anatomy of each injured structure
treat the injury with clearly-detailed techniques
incorporate exercise therapy for injury rehabilitation
apply theoretical concepts

Disc 1
1. Overview of the Knee
2. Medial and Lateral Collateral Ligament Injuries

Disc 2

1. Medial and lateral Coronary Ligament Injuries
2. Patella Tendon Mechanism Injuries

Disc 3

1. Distal Hamstring and Fascia Lata Injuries
2. Identifying Complex Injuries

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