Neck 5-Program Training Series: Assessment and Treatment of Soft Tissue Pain and Injury

Instructor: Ben Benjamin

Neck 5-Program Training Series: Assessment and Treatment of Soft Tissue Pain and Injury

The Neck: Orthopedic Massage Series Assessment and Treatment Strategies for Soft Tissue Pain and Injury Training 

Dr. Ben Benjamin makes this highly technical and complex material clear and accessible. With precision, humor, and insight he uses a step-by-step approach to teach practitioners the anatomy, assessment, treatment techniques, and injury rehabilitation for working with neck pain.

You'll learn how to differentiate muscle and ligament injuries from more serious disc injuries, and you'll fine-tune your palpation skills and hands-on treatment techniques. After you've learned the theoretical background, assessment procedures, and treatment techniques, we integrate this knowledge through enactment of a real case. 

Program 1 
Cervical Anatomy in Depth 
1. Anatomy of all relevant structures 
2. Anatomy drawing 
3. Anatomy palpation

Program 2 
Assessment Tools 
1. Principles of assessment 
2. Assessment tests 
3. Taking the cervical history

Program 3
Integration: Cervical Concepts and Theory 
1. Referred pain in the cervical area 
2. The pathophysiology of scar tissue 
3. Predisposing factors 
4. General concepts 
5. Cervical theory and integration

Program 4 
Treatment Techniques 
1. Principles of friction therapy to the cervical area 
2. Friction techniques for the cervical area 
3. Myofascial therapy 
4. Massage therapy 
5. Other treatment techniques

Program 5 
Case Enactment 
1. Enactment of an actual case of cervical pain 
2. Common questions practitioners ask

35 NCBTMB-approved CE Hours

Total Running Time: 372 minutes

Also available separately on DVD.

Cost: $250

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