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This is a two-day course, from 9-5pm on both Saturday and Sunday, that is NCBTMB-approved for 14 CE hours.

Dr. Benjamin founded the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1974 and has been in private practice for 55 years. He travels throughout the country teaching orthopedic manual therapy, ethics, and Active Assisted Stretching.  He is the author of Are You Tense?, Exercise without InjuryListen to your Pain, and a co-author of the Ethics of Touch and Conversation Transformation. Over the last two decades, he has also created a series of DVD and streaming programs on the assessment and treatment of the low back, the neck, the knee, the shoulder, and various common injuries as well as a 3-volume series on advanced technique and a 7–part series on Active Assisted Stretching.

Assessment & Treatment Of the Lower Limb

How do you treat scar tissue on the anterior surface of the Achilles tendon? Since the Soleus is deep to the Gastrocnemius, how can you treat it manually? Do you know how to test the Anterior Talofibular Ligament to see if it’s injured?

In this 95% hands-on course in orthopedic assessment and treatment, you’ll learn how to work effectively with injuries to the hip, thigh, lower leg, foot, and ankle. The protocol has five components:

  • Anatomy Palpation
  • Injury Assessment Testing
  • Friction Therapy
  • Myofascial Therapy
  • Injury-Targeted Exercise Program

It’s difficult to treat an injury unless you can actually locate it with your hands. A unique feature of this workshop is teaching you detailed anatomy palpation, which is more kinesthetic than textbook learning, as well as detailed  assessment techniques for each individual injury. Under supervision, you will learn how to find and treat each of the 24 discreet, often challenging, injuries taught in this course. Both the Friction and Myofascial treatment techniques are designed to be most effective for the client, while causing a minimal amount of stress on the practitioner.

Online exercise programs will be provided for you to share with your clients. The videos will provide an opportunity to enhance their rehabilitation by increasing range of motion and strength-building.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have all of these tools ready to integrate into your next client session.

Who should attend this workshop?

  • This workshop is for massage therapists who want to increase their expertise and success rate in working with clients who suffer from lower limb injuries.
  • You will learn how to find the exact source of a client’s pain and provide targeted treatments.
  • The workshop will give you the knowledge and understanding to make you a more effective massage therapist.


*We reserve the right to cancel for any reason. Please reach out to us if you cannot attend.


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