Orthopedic Massage Approaches to Lumbo-Pelvic Pain » Neurological Gluteal Pain

Instructor: Whitney Lowe

Neurological Gluteal Pain

This course is the fourth in a six part series on lumbo-pelvic pain. The primary focus of this client case will be on neurological pain and symptoms arising from piriformis syndrome and nerve compression in the gluteal region. There is significant misunderstanding about piriformis syndrome its development, and the most appropriate treatment strategies. Whitney will explore the different types of piriformis nerve compression and discuss appropriate ways to address them with massage treatment.

In each of the courses we will take a specific case study, and go through the process of assessment to demonstrate how we would identify this client?s complaint in a real clinical environment. After identifying the primary cause of the complaint Whitney will discuss and demonstrate appropriate treatment strategies for this type of disorder.

This design of the courses in a case study format enables us to look at realistic clinical signs and symptoms and apply them for creating the optimal treatment approach. Whitney will use rich multimedia examples and interact with participants as much as possible during the presentation.

Series: Orthopedic Massage Approaches to Lumbo-Pelvic Pain

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Continuing Education Hours
Muscular Overuse and Postural Distortion: 1
Neurological Lumbar Pain: 1
Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction: 1
Neurological Gluteal Pain: 1
Myofascial Trigger Point Approach: 1
Structural Issues in the Spine: 1
TOTAL: 6 CE hours

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