Unraveling the Mystery of Elbow Pain » Golfer's Elbow

Instructor: Ben Benjamin

Golfer's Elbow

Golfer’s elbow is the second most common elbow injury. While it sometimes results from playing golf, it can arise just as easily from working a cash register, typing on your computer, or performing other repetitive activities that stress the medial elbow. This condition is easy to work with once you’ve pinpointed the precise area to be treated. In this course, you’ll learn the relevant anatomy, assessment tests, clinical applications, and effective treatment techniques to reduce or eliminate elbow and forearm pain, as well as multiple strategies to prevent this injury from recurring. Registered participants will receive access to a number of supplementary instructional videos detailing the assessment tests, massage and myofascial treatment techniques, and exercise rehabilitation programs for golfer’s elbow.

Series: Unraveling the Mystery of Elbow Pain

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Continuing Education Hours
Golfer's Elbow: 1
Tennis Elbow: 1
Other Culprits in Elbow Dysfunction: 1
TOTAL: 3 CE hours

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