Unraveling the Mystery of Cervical Pain » TP 7 Ligament Sprains

Instructor: Ben Benjamin

TP 7 Ligament Sprains

Whether you know it or not, you've probably treated clients who suffered from TP7 ligament sprains. This very common, but little known injury causes a mysterious pain in the scapula region. In this course, you'll learn all the crucial factors to consider when working with this challenging pain condition. Dr. Benjamin covers the relevant anatomy of TP7 ligament injuries and the biomechanical challenges that result, as well as effective assessment and treatment methods. Toward the end of the presentation, he answers questions submitted live by course participants.

Series: Unraveling the Mystery of Cervical Pain

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Continuing Education Hours
Whiplash and Central Ligament Sprains : 1.5
Client History and Treatment Options for Neck Pain: 1.5
TP 7 Ligament Sprains : 1.5
Lateral Ligament Sprains : 1.5
Clinical Application 1 : 1
Clinical Application 2 : 1
TOTAL: 8 CE hours

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