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Instructor: Ben Benjamin

Assessing and Treating Finger Injuries

When the fingers don’t work how they should, it’s difficult to work or play without pain. The fingers suffer all sorts of injuries that can occur in their joints, tendons, and ligaments. Finger tendons can strain or rupture, their joints can become inflamed or dislocate, and there are various other conditions that affect the functioning of our hands. Each of these can have a debilitating effect on the way we work and function.

If the tendons, ligaments, or joints of the fingers develop adhesive scar tissue causing continuous pain, we cannot function in a healthy way. With proper assessment and treatment, we can help our clients recover the function of their fingers and stay well. Additionally, we want everyone to learn how to keep their fingers healthy through simple self-care, stretching and strength exercises.

In this three-course series, Dr. Ben Benjamin discusses the most common causes of wrist and hand pain. You'll learn the relevant, detailed anatomy, assessment tests, and effective treatment techniques that can reduce, prevent, and eliminate acute and chronic wrist and hand pain.

Series: Unraveling the Mystery of Wrist and Hand Pain

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Continuing Education Hours
Assessing and Treating Wrist Ligament Injuries: 1
Assessing and Treating Thumb Injuries: 1
Assessing and Treating Finger Injuries: 1
TOTAL: 3 CE hours

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