Unraveling the Mystery of Wrist and Hand Pain » Assessing and Treating Wrist Ligament Injuries

Instructor: Ben Benjamin

Assessing and Treating Wrist Ligament Injuries

When you primarily use your hands to do your work it can be scary if you can’t use them because of wrist, finger or hand pain. Did you know that the average massage therapist leaves the profession after working in the field for just seven years, usually due to an injury of the back, shoulder, wrist, or hand? In this webinar we will focus on wrist injuries.

Young people frequently injure their wrists in sports activities. As we get older, we injure them at work or working out with weights to keep in shape.  Also, with age, the wrists become more vulnerable to pain and injury due to arthritic changes if we don’t know how to care for them.

When a wrist sprain does not heal properly, it can become a chronic problem. The ligaments that hold the wrist together often develop poorly formed, adhesive scare tissue, causing instability at the wrist joint. Repetitive or strenuous activities with the hands often continually re-tear the scar tissue, resulting in a seemingly endless cycle of pain and disability that comes and goes. This can continue for many years if the injury is not accurately assessed and treated.

In this first of a three-course series, Dr. Ben Benjamin discusses the most common causes of wrist pain. You'll learn the relevant, detailed anatomy, assessment tests, and effective treatment techniques that can reduce, prevent, and eliminate acute and chronic wrist and hand pain.

Series: Unraveling the Mystery of Wrist and Hand Pain

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Continuing Education Hours
Assessing and Treating Wrist Ligament Injuries: 1
Assessing and Treating Thumb Injuries: 1
Assessing and Treating Finger Injuries: 1
TOTAL: 3 CE hours

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