Unraveling the Mystery of Knee Pain » Lateral Collateral Ligament Sprains

Instructor: Ben Benjamin

Lateral Collateral Ligament Sprains

Lateral knee pain a very common location of pain. It is essential to know how to differentiate between a lateral collateral ligament sprain, a coronary ligament sprain, a hamstring injury, and a lateral meniscus tear so that you know who you can help with hands-on therapy and who you must refer to another healthcare practitioner. Without this knowledge, you waste your time and the client's time and money.

In this seven-part course series, Dr. Ben Benjamin discusses the 23 knee injuries that you are most likely to encounter. You'll come away understanding the relevant anatomy and assessment for each of these conditions, as well as therapeutic techniques for those you can treat and referral guidelines for those you cannot. Toward the end of the presentation, Dr. Benjamin answers questions submitted live by course participants.

Series: Unraveling the Mystery of Knee Pain

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Continuing Education Hours
Medial Collateral Ligament Sprains: 1.5
Client History & 23 Injuries Common to the Knee: 1.5
Lateral Collateral Ligament Sprains: 1.5
Medial and Lateral Coronary Ligament Sprains: 1.5
Patella Tendon Mechanism Injuries: 1.5
Other Culprits in Knee Dysfunction: 1.5
Clinical Applications for Knee Pain: 1
TOTAL: 10 CE hours

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