Pregnancy Massage 101 » Musculoskeletal System Adaptations 2

Instructor: Carole Osborne

Musculoskeletal System Adaptations 2

Although not as common as back and pelvic pain, many expectant women complain of achy feet, legs, hip pain, numbness and/or swelling in the extremities. After a review of the factors contributing to core integrity, we will look at the unique types of nerve entrapments and uterine ligament myofascial referral patterns creating extremity pain. Of course with safety as our utmost concern, we will identify all reflexive precautionary areas and review critical guidelines for safe leg massage. Relief of hand pain will be the focus of our technique spotlight.

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Series: Pregnancy Massage 101

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Continuing Education Hours
Fostering a Healthy Pregnancy: 1
Cardiovascular Adaptations: 1
Respiratory and Digestive System Adaptations: 1
Musculoskeletal System Adaptations 1: 1
Musculoskeletal System Adaptations 2: 1
Practice-Based Decision Making: 1
TOTAL: 6 CE hours

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