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Instructor: Ben Benjamin

Injury & Pain Rehabilitation with Dr. Ben Benjamin

Developing a functional fitness program means increasing flexibility, strength, power, balance, alignment, agility, endurance, and coordination.

But before you can work with your clients on any of these principles, you must first address their injuries. In this course, Dr. Ben Benjamin will walk you through his approach to assessing an injury through testing and intake skills, effective treatment techniques that have been proven to reduce, prevent and eliminate severe and chronic pain, and functional movement routines to enhance your treatment plan and prevent injury recurrences.

Whether this is your first opportunity to study with Dr. Ben Benjamin or you are a veteran, this course is not to be missed.

Series: Functional Fitness and Massage Therapy

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Continuing Education Hours
Fascial Fitness with Tom Myers: 1
From the Table to the Gym: Functional Exercise Progressions for Massage Therapy Clients with Tony Ambler-Wright and Rick Richey: 1
Myths & Realities of Prevention and Self-Care with Lauriann Green and Richard W. Goggins: 1
Reducing Golf Injuries with Golf-Flexogy with Ralph Stephens: 1
Aston Kinetics: The Structure & Function of the Body Are Asymmetrical with Judith Aston: 1
Injury & Pain Rehabilitation with Dr. Ben Benjamin: 1
TOTAL: 6 CE hours

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