Unraveling the Mystery of Foot Pain » Plantar Fasciitis and other Foot Injuries

Instructor: Ben Benjamin

Plantar Fasciitis and other Foot Injuries

The plantar fascia is one of the most important support mechanisms in the foot. When plantar fasciitis occurs, it can range from being annoying to devastating. Often this injury is confused with sub-calcaneal bursitis or a heel spur. In this webinar we differentiate these three conditions and the appropriate treatment for each.

 In this course, Dr. Ben Benjamin discusses these three overlapping pain and injury conditions including the relevant, detailed anatomy, assessment tests, common causes and which effective treatment techniques that can reduce, prevent, and eliminate these conditions.

Series: Unraveling the Mystery of Foot Pain

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Continuing Education Hours
Joint Injuries in the Foot: 1.5
Tendon Strains of the Toes: 1.5
Plantar Fasciitis and other Foot Injuries: 1
Assessing and Treating Interosseous Muscle Injuries: 1
TOTAL: 5 CE hours

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