Marketing Mastery for Massage Therapists » Present Yourself Powerfully

Instructor: Cherie Sohnen Moe

Present Yourself Powerfully

Everything you do and say contributes to your overall image. Presenting yourself powerfully means exuding an image of confidence, compassion and professionalism. This is important when speaking one-on-one with current clients in your office or on the telephone, informally talking to potential clients, as well as giving formal presentations. Presenting yourself powerfully translates into increased self-satisfaction and improved career success. Join us as we identify the key elements to enhancing your presence and success.

Series: Marketing Mastery for Massage Therapists

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Continuing Education Hours
Connecting with the Right Clients: Target Marketing: 1
Maximize Marketing through Innovation: 1
Build Referrals by Generating Buzz!: 1
Present Yourself Powerfully: 1
Building Lasting Client Relationships: The Cornerstone of a Successful Practice: 1
Retail Mastery - Profit with Products: 1
TOTAL: 6 CE hours

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