More about Cancer Care and Massage » Teaching Massage to Caregivers: The Touch, Caring, and Cancer Home Instruction Program

Instructor: Tracy Walton

Teaching Massage to Caregivers: The Touch, Caring, and Cancer Home Instruction Program

This is the sixth course in the More about Cancer Care and Massage Series. In this session Tracy Walton will discuss the award-winning DVD home instruction program, "Touch, Caring, and Cancer: Simple Instruction for Family and Friends." She will share exciting findings from an NIH-sponsored clinical trial that compared professional massage and massage by caregivers using home instruction.

Care partners of people with cancer report feeling helpless, uncertain, and afraid to touch their loved ones. People with cancer tell us they suffer stigma, poor body image, and a yearning for healing touch. By teaching caregivers simple techniques to use at home, massage therapists can help ease this painful experience.

In this course, you will learn:
• How providing instruction in simple massage techniques to caregivers could help with symptom relief for people with cancer
• Important differences between caregiver massage instruction and professional oncology massage practice
• The value of massage therapists as touch educators as well as skilled touch providers
You will leave this course with an inspired view of massage therapy in cancer care and a new appreciation of the benefits of touch.

Note: This course series reinforces and expands upon some important concepts from the popular Massage in Cancer Care series. This series goes beyond general issues to focus on the two most common cancer types?breast and prostate?with vital information for the massage therapist. Each course series stands alone, and the first cancer series is not required for participation in this series.

You agree to these terms if you purchase this course:

1. You understand that this course offers reliable, yet limited education in massage therapy; therefore, this is not a certification program.

2. You understand that this course provides continuing education hours, and completion of this course does not imply certification, endorsement, or authorization of any sort for my practice or teaching of massage therapy; therefore, you agree to not represent yourself directly or by implication in marketing activities or any communications to clients or others that you are certified, endorsed, or authorized by the Benjamin Institute, or any other agency to practice or teach massage therapy on the basis of participation in this course.

3. You agree to conduct your practice of massage therapy in accordance with the ethical and legal guidelines of the organizations to which you belong or by which you are licensed or registered.

By purchasing this product, you verify your understanding of and agreement to these three statements and limitations.

Series: More about Cancer Care and Massage

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Continuing Education Hours
Foundations of Massage Therapy for Breast and Prostate Cancer: 1.5
Lymphedema Risk: A Hidden Massage Therapy Contraindication : 1.5
Breast Cancer and Massage Therapy: 1.5
How Breast Cancer Treatment Affects Massage Therapy: 1.5
Prostate Cancer, Treatment, and Massage Therapy: 1.5
Teaching Massage to Caregivers: The Touch, Caring, and Cancer Home Instruction Program: 1.5
TOTAL: 9 CE hours

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