Massage in Cancer Care

Instructor: Tracy Walton

Massage in Cancer Care

Massage therapy is a growing part of cancer care, and skilled touch is being welcomed into hospitals, clinics, and the daily lives of people with cancer. In this 6-part course series, share the excitement about the growing specialty of oncology massage therapy, and learn about some important principles and practices.

Tracy Walton provides an overview of the ways massage could benefit people with cancer, and provides an update of research on this topic. You will clear up some sticking points, take a fresh look at the old myth that massage could spread cancer, and learn ways to re-educate and reassure people about this common concern. Tracy highlights some of the safety essentials followed in oncology massage, and the standards of practice in the field. She introduces resources and recommendations for further training, research, and information. At the end of each presentation, she will answer questions submitted live by course participants. 

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Continuing Education Hours
Cancer, Massage, and Metastasis: 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and Symptom Relief : 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and Safety Essentials: 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and Unstable Tissues: 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and the Vital Organ Principles: 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and Detoxification: 1.5
TOTAL: 9 CE hours

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