Massage in Cancer Care » Cancer, Massage, and Safety Essentials

Instructor: Tracy Walton

Cancer, Massage, and Safety Essentials

How is massage adapted to cancer and cancer treatment? What hands-on skills are necessary for working safely? What are some of the interview questions used with clients with cancer or cancer histories, and how do their answers figure into the massage plan? In this third course, we discuss the unique features of oncology massage therapy, and resources for information and training in this exciting specialty.

Series: Massage in Cancer Care

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Continuing Education Hours
Cancer, Massage, and Metastasis: 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and Symptom Relief : 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and Safety Essentials: 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and Unstable Tissues: 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and the Vital Organ Principles: 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and Detoxification: 1.5
TOTAL: 9 CE hours

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