Massage in Cancer Care » Cancer, Massage, and Symptom Relief

Instructor: Tracy Walton

Cancer, Massage, and Symptom Relief

Research and interest in massage therapy are growing, and there is special interest in the role of massage in cancer care. In this second course, we summarize the best research in oncology massage, and take a good look at what it tells us and what it doesn't. We will develop some clear, fair, and accurate claims about massage and cancer symptom relief.  

Series: Massage in Cancer Care

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Continuing Education Hours
Cancer, Massage, and Metastasis: 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and Symptom Relief : 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and Safety Essentials: 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and Unstable Tissues: 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and the Vital Organ Principles: 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and Detoxification: 1.5
TOTAL: 9 CE hours

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