Massage in Cancer Care » Cancer, Massage, and Metastasis

Instructor: Tracy Walton

Cancer, Massage, and Metastasis

For decades, the massage profession was kept from working with people with cancer by an old myth: that massage, by increasing circulation, might contribute to cancer spread. In this first course, we shine new light on this old belief, and look at new ways to re-educate ourselves, the public, and the profession about this common concern. 

Series: Massage in Cancer Care

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Continuing Education Hours
Cancer, Massage, and Metastasis: 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and Symptom Relief : 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and Safety Essentials: 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and Unstable Tissues: 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and the Vital Organ Principles: 1.5
Cancer, Massage, and Detoxification: 1.5
TOTAL: 9 CE hours

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