NMT and the Puzzle of Pain » NMT and the Gravity Game

Instructor: Judith Delany

NMT and the Gravity Game

This lesson encompasses the adaptations and compensations that the body has made to the stresses of life. If these issues, including daily habits of use, are overlooked, any work done to release the muscles will most likely be short-lived. Join us to explore how the body deals with gravity, perfect vs. ideal posture, and screening assessments for pelvis distortion as well as functional and structural leg length inequalities. We will consider influences - from the foot to the teeth - that create and perpetuate myofascial dysfunction throughout the body.

Series: NMT and the Puzzle of Pain

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Continuing Education Hours
NMT for Trigger Points: 1
NMT and the Gravity Game: 1
NMT and the Dynamic Foot: 1
NMT and the Breath of Life: 1
NMT Strategies for Pain Reduction: 1
Putting NMT into Practice: 1
TOTAL: 6 CE hours

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