NMT and the Puzzle of Pain » NMT for Trigger Points

Instructor: Judith Delany

NMT for Trigger Points

The treatment of trigger points (TrPs) lies at the heart of neuromuscular therapy. Because TrPs are often neglected in other avenues of medicine and are a prevalent source of chronic pain, many people have often been everywhere else first, seeking relief, without success. This session will build the foundations of NMT, include a comprehensive look at TrPs, reveal keys on how to find TrPs quickly, and offer treatment options.

Series: NMT and the Puzzle of Pain

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Continuing Education Hours
NMT for Trigger Points: 1
NMT and the Gravity Game: 1
NMT and the Dynamic Foot: 1
NMT and the Breath of Life: 1
NMT Strategies for Pain Reduction: 1
Putting NMT into Practice: 1
TOTAL: 6 CE hours

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