NMT and the Puzzle of Pain » NMT Strategies for Pain Reduction

Instructor: Judith Delany

NMT Strategies for Pain Reduction

Thermal therapy, such as alternating contrast of hot and cold, can be a powerful adjunct to your manual techniques. They are useful self-care tools for clients and can also keep your own forearms and hands healthy. This lesson will explore the deliberate use of thermal receptor stimulators as valuable pain inhibitors and look at allergic myalgia, neuroexcitants, and neurotoxins for their roles as perpetuating factors. Join us as we incorporate the gate control theory as a means of decreasing pain. We'll explore common uses of cold applications, such as Spray & Stretch Technique (developed by Dr. Janet Travell), which will be spotlighted as a featured manual therapy.

Series: NMT and the Puzzle of Pain

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Continuing Education Hours
NMT for Trigger Points: 1
NMT and the Gravity Game: 1
NMT and the Dynamic Foot: 1
NMT and the Breath of Life: 1
NMT Strategies for Pain Reduction: 1
Putting NMT into Practice: 1
TOTAL: 6 CE hours

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