NMT and the Puzzle of Pain » Putting NMT into Practice

Instructor: Judith Delany

Putting NMT into Practice

One of the most difficult aspects of creating a successful practice revolves around developing efficient clinical reasoning skills. Every practitioner has his/her own unique way of thinking, based on what has been studied, read and experienced, as a practitioner and from a personal perspective. NMT is not "recipe therapy" - doing just the hands-on NMT routines is not enough. Using the foundation laid in lessons 1-5, we will now consider a chronic pain case. While using the strategies developed in previous lessons, we will discuss elements of the case history and habits of use unique to this case. We will then review the regional anatomy, neural interface, and trigger points while we treat some of the involved muscles using classic NMT American version techniques.

Series: NMT and the Puzzle of Pain

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Continuing Education Hours
NMT for Trigger Points: 1
NMT and the Gravity Game: 1
NMT and the Dynamic Foot: 1
NMT and the Breath of Life: 1
NMT Strategies for Pain Reduction: 1
Putting NMT into Practice: 1
TOTAL: 6 CE hours

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